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Thinking about becoming a member of the Local?

Maybe you’re a small business owner, or an intrepreneur (a phrase coined by Michelle Kane describing those kick-ass professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit), and you already have lots of commitments, both of your time and your finances. Why add another?

I hear you.  

Below I outlined the three reasons I need the Local.  Perhaps these resonate with you, perhaps not. Either way the Local is meant to serve you (and me), and it’s a space for entrepreneurs and professionals to grow individually and collectively in a positive manner.  There are rules here, we’ll get to those later, but good ones. Rules meant to create a culture of rising the tide that lifts all our dang boats.


Why I need the local:

Work Inspired

I quit my 9-5 in August 2018, and since then I’ve learned a very important lesson about myself: while I love the freedom of being about to work anywhere, I miss having a professional space to fall back on.  Working from home is great: pjs all day, no makeup, free coffee. However, I also struggle with focusing on my work when I have dishes to do, dogs to walk, and the worst dang internet you can imagine. Add to that, I don’t want to meet clients in my home, or at a coffee shop, or a bar (yes, been there). I need a space that is inspired.  

I want a space that is conducive to the grind of getting a task done, but also supports meeting with a client, or a small group.  The Local has all of that.

For a lazy Saturday when I need to edit some photos, I imagine sitting at the front bar top, mimicking a big city coffee shop where I can glance up and see the bustle on Main Street.  For an early Monday morning when I need to knock down my to-do list, I’ll work in the back individual space where I can grind away without distraction. When I want to meet with a client, I’ll use the front client space or the small group space to relax into a conversation.  For workshops, I’ll take advantage of the gorgeous 16ft community table in the middle of the space. The Local has all the different environments I need to support my free-spirited entrepreneurial journey.

Connect Bigger

I grow and evolve when I learn and connect with other professionals trying to excel in their career.  It’s why I started the Black Hills Rising Tide Society and why I started the Stand to Serve podcast. It’s amazing how a group of people coming together to learn, grow, and connect can elevate everyone involved.  This is a big component of the Local.

I want a space for connection.  Whether it’s our monthly networking events or our continuous learning workshops, I want to elevate professional networking.  

If you’re a small business owner, you know the importance of connection. It’s the biggest part of your job: finding and meeting with potential clients and customers.  If you’re a professional, it’s also important to interact with people outside of your professional realm or expertise. The Local prioritizes connection in a big way.

Host and Innovate

I want a place to host.  For the past year, I’ve led the Black Hills Rising Tide Society group, we meet once a month, and the biggest challenge has been finding meeting locations large enough to accommodate our 20-30 attendees.  The Local has a 16ft community table for large group meetings or workshops. It also has a number of couches and accent chairs and space for a more open event.

If you’re a small business owner, what about hosting a client appreciation night, or a workshop for potential clients to get a glimpse into your offerings?  If you’re a professional with a big project to tackle, maybe you need an off-site meeting location to allow your partners or coworkers to think outside the box to kick off your project.

The Local is available to rent for after hour events (weekends and after 5pm on weekdays) to host innovative meetings, workshops or whatever event that can elevate your business.

Whether you’re a new business owner, or a professional coming up on 20 years with your company, the Local is meant to serve you, facilitate growth, and rise the tide of our community.

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